High school assistant language teachers (English, 中文, Deutsch, 한국어, español, français)

in ALT/English Teaching
We are looking for candidates who are interested in working as assistant langauge teachers (ALT) in public high schools throughout Kanagawa prefecture. Positions are part-time and range from one to five days per week, usually in blocks of four periods. Not each period is a taught lesson, and there is usually plenty of preparation time as part of the schedule. Whether class or preparation, each period pays 2500 yen, making a four period block to be paid 10,000 yen each day. We are seeking native speakers of the following languages who have visas allowing work in Japan (part-time work visas are OK): English Chinese German Korean Spanish French We are especially interested in native speakers of German, Korean, Spanish, and French, but there may be openings for the other langauges as well. Please contact ASAP if you have interest.
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