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I am new to Japan. I just rented an apartment in Shin-kiba. With in a few days of my stay in this new apartment, I am annoyed by loud musics played by my neighbor in the middle of the night. I tried to convey my annoyance by hitting the wall when the music was stopped. But it is back again. What should I do?


Have you reported this to the

Have you reported this to the building owner/rental agency from whom you took the house on rent? They might be able to help you by conveying your message to your neighbor. You may also try to explain him by yourself. Take with you an omiyage (gift, like a packet of cookies) when you visit your neighbor to convey your distress. In the worst case you can contact the local police.

Hi. Also I am wondering if


Also I am wondering if you were sending the wrong message?

If you went knocking on the wall when the music stopped the neighbour may have thought that you were knocking because you wanted the music to continue.

Usually you should communicate your feeling while the action is happening so there is a connection to what you are doing and what is happening in their life.

If the approach you chose is to knock and aggressively show your discontent you must deliver this message at the right time. Knocking is aggressive and will send a negative connection when done at the right time. You have been knocking when they have been doing nothing wrong. Confusing! Hello!

Thanks guys. I tried to

Thanks guys.

I tried to communicate in spite of the language barrier. I also reported this to the rental agency and requested them to send the message to my neighbor. It seems to be working now as I have not heard the noise for last one week. I hope it does not come back again. It is so annoying.