Save and Save

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To all of you that are new to Japan and are starting off at a new "teaching job":

Watch your spendage all!!!

Japan is super fun and it is soooo easy to buck (or yen) away your cash just partying up!
Part of adjusting to a new culture is realizing that what comes with it is "culture shock". A usual response to culture shock is stress. Stress due to the lack of communications. Stress due to the unusual or extreme demands from the new job. Stress from being away from your family. Stress.. Stress.. Streeesssss!!!

Before you get down and out just take a moment and think about how you react to stress.
Do you have a few (or many) beers with friends?
Do you eat too much?
Do you grind your teeth?
Do you snap at people when you usually wouldn't?
Do you play video games into the wee hours of the morning?
Do you cry and get homesick?

The best you can do is just be honest with yourself and do the best you can to de-stress in a way that won't leave you begging on the street corner or calling home to cry to Mom everyday.

This can be tough and almost no one is invincible to "culture shock".
Just remember that Japan really is different than most of the countries you have come from and that means a totally different culture.
Vent as much as you need but take care of yourselves at the same time so you can truly enjoy the experience!!

Do your best!! Ganbatteï