The Tsukuba Tornado

07 May in Life in Japan

A rare tornado tore through the Tsukuba city, about 60 km north of Tokyo, to kill one and injure several around noon on May 6th - the last day of the Golden Week. Many houses were devasted by the passage of the extreme event, which is very rare in time of the year in and around Tokyo. 

An ameture video that captures the dance of this giant weather phenomenon:

Tornadoes are not uncommon but are very rare in Tokyo. A research study suggestes that tornadoes occur most frequently in September and least frequently in March. Also the recurrence of such events are very rare as per the study, the details of which can be found from the following link. The most fatal recorded event in Tokyo was on 23 September 1903 when an elementary school in Yodobashi Town, Toyotama County, Tokyo Prefecture, was hit by a tornado. Ten persons were killed and 14 persons were injured.