Earthquake in Japan

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A magnitude 9 earthquake struck northern parts of Japan on Friday afternoon
The quake one of the largest to hit Japan caused a massive tsunami in Sendai, a few hundred kilometers north of Tokyo. The tsunami swept away cars and left one   airport under water. The quake and the aftershocks also left hundreds of 
thousands of people stranded in the capital city Tokyo. The after-socks are felt 
until late in the evening. 

Just for your attention!

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Asking "How are you?!" or anything personal in the job place here in Japan is.. well.. odd.. Of course each business place is different. But if you walk up to your Japanese associate and ask "genki?" don't be surprised if they look confused or take a while to answer.. the common answer is "chotto".. meaning "uhhhh" or "not so good".. This doesn't mean you should break your usual habits of greeting people with "How are you?".. but just be prepared for the response.. They will get used to it if you ask everyday!! smile, be yourself and noooo worries!!


On the train, Don't stand next to the "respectable looking but sleepy/swaying" business man . This may be hard to do, especially on a night train.. BUT keep an eye out!! There may be more than sleepiness to that sway.. I have personally dodged pee puddles and vomit.. Eeewww... not nice ways to end a day..


My culture or yours?

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I have a question for your forgeiners.

Why did you come here? 

I am not saying you are not welcome. Please enjoy!

Why so many silly questions? Why don't you just keep quiet and listen sometimes? 

You came here. We did not go there.

Help "my friend" evade Japanese Pension Payments!!

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Here is the deal... "My Friend" has lived here for a few years and is currently under a spousal visa. She works full time and has health insurance through a foreign run company. 
As of now she has never paid to the "Japanese Pension system" that became mandatory sometime within the last year. 

Want to start my own English School

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I am new here, and I hope some one would help me out.

I've got a question in regards to starting up a business in Japan.