Earthquake in Japan

in Life in Japan

A magnitude 9 earthquake struck northern parts of Japan on Friday afternoon
The quake one of the largest to hit Japan caused a massive tsunami in Sendai, a few hundred kilometers north of Tokyo. The tsunami swept away cars and left one   airport under water. The quake and the aftershocks also left hundreds of 
thousands of people stranded in the capital city Tokyo. The after-socks are felt 
until late in the evening. 

Trains and bus services were non-operational in most parts of the city leaving 
the office workers struck in their offices until Saturday morning. Most flights 
were cancelled in Narita and Haneda airports of Tokyo and it might take a few 
more days until all the schedules are restored. 

Most telephone lines are not working until late in the evening as people are 
trying to reach their family members over mobile and fixed telephone lines. Email service was extensibly used to reach family and friends in Japan. 

Amidst the chaos most of the Tokyoites remained calm and no untoward incidents were reported. 

Update: About 10000 people are either missing or lost in the tsunami and the earthquake. About half a million people are now homeless. On top of all these, TEPCO is struggling to contain the meltdown of 4 of its tsunami-stricken reactors in Fukushima.