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Friends you need at your workplace

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1. Office manager/secretary: She does everything for your and makes reservations for your business trips.She has perhaps all the secrets too. If she is your friend you are assured of a smooth ride.

2. Close colleagues: The person next to you or next door whom you can trust and who will cover your occasional absences and who will share jokes with you.

3. The IT man: You are off to your business presentation and your damn computer is struck. The IT man is a friend in deed.


Growing Jobs in Recession Time

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During the recession, where many sectors have lost jobs some of the sectors have actually seen job growths. The two important sectors are health-care and education, particularly the private teachings in English language. While the former is perhaps related to more number of patients for various reason, the latter is for seeking jobs overseas.

Jobs - not for outsourcing

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Here are some jobs that cannot to be outsourced.

Surgeon: It could be possible to send images over the net to get a diagnosis from a specialist but when it comes to actual surgery, one wish to be in the safe hands.

Dentist: Obviously, this job cannot be outsourced.

Fitness trainer: We need the trainer to help us.

Teacher: Students can now learn their lessons from the internet but it cannot take away the necessity of classrooms and physical presence of teachers.

Technicians: Certainly we need the person to do the repairing jobs until robots do that based on remote instructions.

Plumber: This career depends fully on local workers.

Taxi driver: Until the new technology arrives, we will depend on manually driven cars and the drivers.

Chef: One can follow a recipe in the internet and try to cook something but without the touch of that expert hand one will not know the difference.


International Jobs

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Search and find a job here.

Q1. How do I pick a job from a single city?
A1. Pick job type from the tab and click the city name from the right side menu bar.
Q2. I cannot find my job from the list.
A2. You can search from thousands of fresh jobs in the search bar at the bottom of this page. Good luck and happy job hunting.



Crashing Market, Declining Jobs.......

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Barely a decade ago had the output of US economy and the skills of the workforce led the world. It's hard to believe that it is in the verge of a collapse now. Moreover, the economy of much of the world is in a decisive downward slide which the financiers of US cannot stop because the systems they operate are the primary cause. The problems aren't confined to the U.S. Unemployment is increasing worldwide. The only way to explain the situation today is to understand the interconnections between the currency, commodity and equity markets.

Dress to Win

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Wearing the right kind of dress is an important part of job interviews. Remember that your dress will announce your personality the moment you enter the interview room. That first minute impression can either break or make your prospect to win the job. Particularly in Japan a formal suit is a must for most type of interviews as the helping hands in supermarkets are sometimes seen wearing good looking suits here. After all, it is this philosophy that is the reason businesses like Aoki and like suit specialists exist. Although qualifications and experience are still vital, employers may be right to consider professional appearance when hiring employees.

Research studies indicate that people are more productive when they are dressed professionally. Please remember that the way you dress reflects not just you, but your company as well. Often project leaders select people based on the appearance to accompany them to client meetings.

However, one should dress for the position interviewed for. Every professional man or woman needs at least one traditional, well-tailored suit in a classic color. Women who choose a skirt suit should also have a pair of pants as a coordinating piece. Button-down shirts: Classic white is a must because it looks good with anything, but buy a few in different colors that match your suit. Shoes: Women should invest in black leather pumps and walking shoes, men should have at least one pair of black leather shoes and a black leather belt to wear with them. Accessories: Women should accessorize with a few pieces of jewelry and a good leather tote bag, and men should wear a watch and have either a black or brown leather wallet.

For other jobs, which basically involves physical job a pair of jean and good shirt should be fine. In most instances such workers get their dresses from company in Japan.

Job Advice

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In a competitive job market jobs seekers often resort to unique and sometimes unconventional ways to get the attention of a reputed employer. However, most of the times such gimmicks backfire. So, it is wise not to try something which can backfire on your job prospect. The best thing you can do is to spend sometime in preparing a good but compact resume. Your employer might be spending less than a minute to look at your resume. And if he cannot find necessary keywords in your resume, it goes to trash. Spend time to highlight necessary keywords in your resume rather than spending time to decorate the resume with slick templates.

Your Passport to a Good Job.

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For limited job opportunities there are no dearth of applications. Most employers might be spending less than a minute to read a resume. So, preparing a resume should be the first priority for job seekers. It is all right to draw attention of your employer but overdoing it will ruin your chance to get or retain your dream job. Draft your resume in such a manner that you are able to get an interview call. Remember, the resume is an advertisement of yourself – but it should be true advertisement. 95% of HR professionals always conduct reference checks on job candidates, and more than half say they sometimes find inconsistencies which they hate a lot. Resume should truly showcase your experience and qualifications in most succinct and relevant way.